Sky/Light v6

Sky/Light v6 is the 6th iteration of a reflective panel installation in a light-well outside a main floor window of a private residence in NYC. The purpose of the installation is obscure the view to the apartment buildings beyond and replace it with a view of the sky directly above. This installation is the most ambitious in the series of prototypes I have completed for this client at this residence. I was initially introduced to the client and the first two prototypes through KGS Buildings, LLC. I was later invited back by the client and their contractor, Homecrest Buildiers, to design and install this latest prototype.

Following is a link to the Design Submission I prepared for this iteration of the prototype which explains my design approach:


And here is a link to the full set of illustrated instructions for the assembly of individual panel mechanisms and frames, including instructions for mounting the completed panel assembly to the main installation:


All work by me unless otherwise attributed.

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