CAD Metaphors: How we talk about what we do.

A recording of a brief presentation I gave at KA Connect 2010, the inaugural of an annual conference which brings together emerging and senior leaders from top AEC firms to share strategies and tactics for highly connected practice.


MIT Computation Group Alumni Symposium 2010

Following the success of the first alumni symposium I organized in 2009, I organized a second symposium in 2010. The event offered alumni the ability to share their ongoing work, thoughts, and concerns regarding the state of design computation at MIT, other academic institutions, and in professional practice. It was a unique moment for a community of like-minded individuals to openly and candidly discuss the successes and challenges of their work in an environment of sharing and critical feedback.




MIT Computation Group Alumni Symposium 2009

In 2009 I organized an alumni symposium for the MIT Design and Computation Group. The goal of the symposium was to build a stronger network with the MIT Design and Computation community and to provide exposure of this unique group to the wider architectural student body.

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