Lobel Initiatives is a technology consultancy specializing in research and deployment of design and communication solutions within the professional and educational space of Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC). Areas of expertise include: design development (refinement and translation of concept designs into shop drawings and fabrication-ready files), software auditing and process improvement (digital to physical) for specialty fabricators within AEC, research and development projects (i.e. future forms of design deliverables), digital design curriculum development, software instruction, and visualization.


About Josh Lobel:

Josh is a design technologist with over 15 years experience in digital design and fabrication. Josh’s educational and professional expertise cover a truly unique operational skill set ranging from high-level strategic planning initiatives, to project management, to the hands-on development and implementation of technology for design and manufacturing environments.


Josh works through all stages of a project, from pitch to publication, regularly producing and presenting: marketing and promotional materials, and submissions for RFQs (Requests for Qualifications) and RFPs (Requests for Proposals). This includes graphics, photography, and material-realistic renderings. Josh also pursues  longer-term research and development projects. Currently these projects relate to the communication of information from concept design to fabrication and future forms of design deliverables. These projects largely focus on issues of user experience / user interface (UX / UI).

During the course of his Master’s work at MIT, Josh became interested in the communication process and the functional role design technology plays in the formalization and expression of information. In conjunction with developing hands-on proficiency with digital design software Josh studied the history and critical thinking of computer aided design (CAD) from its inception through present-day Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). This created a keen awareness of how the language people use to express or explain ideas (often metaphorically) directly impacts how they think and subsequently how their ideas are developed into software or physical products.

As a result of this work Josh has become an exceptionally effective communicator. Proof can be found in the clarity and poignancy of the original research and position pieces Josh has published and presented both in the U.S. and internationally.

As a professional Josh finds that the greatest and most lasting success comes from investing in an approach that is people-centered and process-oriented. One of the greatest values within an organization is the degree to which it can foster individual and team productivity, satisfaction, and loyalty. Josh believes a company must recognize and appreciate its various cultures of practice in order to foster effective communication, management, and education among staff and clients. As an experienced researcher, skilled practitioner, and effective communicator, Josh is constantly working toward those goals.

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